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Since the AeroPress burst onto the residence coffee making scene in 2005, it’s become nothing short of a trend. Incredibly well-liked, and with good reason, the AeroPress makes a fantastic cup of coffee every time, with no mess and no fuss. Since its appearance numerous coffee fans have been keen to share their tips as well as knowledge about the AeroPress on line. Here at York Coffee Emporium we're also a huge enthusiast of the device and in its honour we’d like to share with you our very best found tips, tricks and secret, non-traditional approaches to brew your coffee in an AeroPress.

Suggestions to Try out

- Do a ‘blind’ press with boiling water to soak the paper filter. This helps to prevent the solid coffee grains sticking to the edge without brewing. - Buy a metal filtration system rather than a paper one. This will keep sediment out whilst still letting the oils soak via for additional flavour as compared to the paper filter. - Utilize newly filtered tap water for an additional smooth and soft drinking experience. - Try out brewing times and coffee beans to mix up your coffee drinking experience. - Add drinking chocolate powder into the cylinder during preparing for a chocolatey extra.

We’re not only revealing these great tips we’re also discussing the coffee love. Distinctive now to York Coffee Emporium get yourself a free 200g bag of coffee with every AeroPress bought. You can buy four diverse coffees based on your choice of flavors and durability. As an Emporium favourite we can never suggest enough our own Emporium Excelso blended coffee for Smokey, Chocolate, Sweet, Citrus & Lemon flavors.

There's a lot of approaches to make great coffee, it's enjoyable to experiment as well as experience the numerous strategies and quality recipes. If you've been experimenting with the AeroPress please drop us a line and inform us your own secret or leave a product review!

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